How to Custom packaging for
Private label toilet paper & Paper towel

Choose the packaging for your toilet paper & paper towel from a wide option

full custom packaging

We provide full custom packaging for toilet paper and paper towel, including plastic free, biodegradable and tranditional plastic bag. 

As you known, the packaging is very important for sales, therefore, we should consider how to pack our tissue products when we sell online or in supermarket, there are widely options, for example, sell by carton or sell by pack, different target markets should be with different kinds of packaging, for example plastic free or biodegradable bag or traditional plastic bag. 

Below are the packing options for your private lable tissue, let’s get started.

Plastic Free Packaging

Plastic free packaging means that your toilet paper or paper towel will come with 0% plastic, no plastic wrapping or bag, even the tape is made of craft paper.

custom packaging for private-label-toilet-paper-5

Individual Paper Wrapping

It’s the most popular “plastic free” packaging for toilet paper and paper towel. 

We use the “food packaging level” paper wrapping which printed by environment friendly ink, to wrap your Toilet Paper and Paper Towel, keep them moisture free and hygienic.

In addition, it’s very convenient to promote the toilet paper and paper towel on social media with your branding design on paper wrapping.

Biodegradable / tranditional plastic

Rather than plastic free packaging, there is biodegradable / tranditional plastic wrapper and bag. You will find most toilet papers in supermarket are packed in this way. 

We have a widely options of bioplastic and traditional plastic, you can choose from below list.

Pack Options

4/8/9/10/12/18/20/24/30/32/36/40/48/72/80/96 rolls per pack

Carton box Options

24/30/32/36/40/48/72/80/96 rolls per ctn

8 rolls
12 rolls
20 rolls
24 rolls
30 rolls
32 rolls
36 rolls
48 rolls


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