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Private Label Toilet Paper

We manufacture all toilet paper of 2 ply, 3 ply and 4 ply with customized specifications and packaging, to meet your requirements in different market.

3 ply bamboo toilet paper is the most popular item, because of its premium quality with comfortable thickness and more absorbent. ideal for your private label.

Sheets available: 150-370 sheets

2 ply is the standard toilet paper in market, less thickness but longer and more sheets available for single roll, it’s a ideal choice for a brand with competitive price. 

Sheets available: 200-500 sheets

4 ply bamboo toilet paper is a luxury item with the most thickness, ultra soft and comfortable. It’s the right one for your luxury brand.

Sheets available: 100-250 sheets

Private Label Toilet Paper Packaging

We manufacture all kinds of packaging, include paper wrapper, plastic wrapper, plastic bag, biodegradable bag and craft paper bag.

Lear more about how to customize packaging
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Why us?

Choose the right manufacturer for your private label product is important for your sustainable business, as a professional toilet paper manufacturer in China, working with us you will get the best service, includes professional suggestions for your fast starting, design assistance for your private label packaging, strict quality control, sufficient production capacity, fast delivery and Transparent competitive prices.

Helpful Suggestions

As a 20-years professional manufacturer of toilet paper, we have enough and useful experience about the demand of market and manufacturing cost suggestions, please feel free to ask any questions you concern to our sales team.

Design Assistance

For your first order, It normally takes 15-30 days to design and modify your files, under our assistance, you will finish the design in 10 days, it effectively shorten the production time

Full Customized product & Packaging

To fillfull customers' different requirements for different markets, we provide full customized product with sheet size, ply, sheets, gsm and eco friendly, biodegradable and tranditional plastic packaging.

Fast Delivery

What we do to ensure fast delivery, includes specifications fast suggestions, design assistance, sufficient materials in stock, and sufficient production capacity, no need to wait after place order.

Stictly Quality Control

We deeply understand the importance of quality and attach great importance to quality control, although the toilet paper manufacturing is by automatic production lines, what we do is full inspection for each roll, to ensure there is no defective products to be sent to your customers.

Competitive Price

As an OEM manufacturer, we only make few profit from bulk manufacture, lots profits we leave to your side, your success is our success.

How Toilet Paper Manufactured

We use automatic production lines to produce your toilet paper, to ensure high quality and fast delivery

At BUDS, we provide full customized manufacturing service for your private label toilet paper, widely choice of 2 ply bamboo toilet paper, 3 ply bamboo toilet paper and 4 ply bamboo toilet paper with customized specifications and customized packaging. Our high quality toilet paper come out with 100% bamboo, eco friendly, tree free and plastic free, both bleached and unbleached are available. We use 10 automatic production lines for manufacturing toilet paper, which can produce 40 tones per day, monthly production is more than two hundreds 40ft containers, ensure that we can supply enough production capacity to meet your purchase requirements, as well as fast delivery.

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What is toilet paper?

Toilet Paper is known as toilet tissue, bathroom tissue, bath tissue, toilet roll, loo roll or bog rol.

What is Private Label Toilet paper?

A private label toilet paper is manufactured by us with your brand name. you can specify everything about the toilet paper, sheet size, sheets, ply, and how it’s packaged, what the label looks like, then we produce it and deliver to your store

Advantages of Private Label Toilet paper

Private label your own toilet paper brand, you will control over all product factors such as prices, size, packaging, production and distribution, and can develop and implement innovative ideas to win market share over national brands. There are many advantages for building your own brand toilet paper.

  • Exclusive in world market
  • Higher profit margins
  • More income with wholesale
  • Lower operation cost
  • Better brand loyalty
  • Greater market stability

Where is private label toilet paper manufactured?

Our factories are in China, one base is in Chongqing city which is an inland container shipping port at Yangtze River, it’s also a railway container port to Europe. The other base is in Ningbo city, which is one of the four biggest seaports in the world. As you known, the shipping cost is different when the containers sent from different port, your toilet paper will be manufactured in the right factory which comes the lowest shipping cost.

Is private label profitable?

As a necessity of life, toilet paper has very big market in every country. For example in the US today, toilet paper is a $31 billion per year industry, and still growing, as the average American runs through three rolls per week. 

How to start my own private label toilet paper?

Below are the steps to start a successful toilet paper brand from idea to reality.

  • Choose the products you want to sell from toilet paper, paper towel, facial tissue, paper napkin and pocket tissue.
  • Define your target market. who is your ideal customer?
  • Consider your special advantages, for example eco-friendly, platic free, premium quality.
  • Design your special packagings.
  • Confirm the quotes from BUDS
  • Get your branding tissues in your store.

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